TIVI - Verifiable Voting
Accessible, Anytime, Anywhere

Increased voter participation and election credibility via secure, verifiable online voting for governmental elections

Curious? See what the Utah GOP has done!
  • Participation rates in elections are declining

    One of the biggest challenges faced by Election Management Bodies (EMB's), is declining electoral participation. Modern citizens travel, relocate overseas, may be deployed in the military, are too busy or have a disability which prevents them from voting in a traditional polling station.

  • Traditional remote voting methods fall short

    Proxy, postal voting and voting from consulates or embassies are the de-facto methods for remote voting. Unfortunately, they are flawed. These methods are inaccurate, expensive, insecure and open for manipulation and coercion and compromise the integrity of the electoral process.

  • Online voting - bringing the ballot to the voter

    To help EMB's with their challenge of having to deal with an increasingly mobile and dispersed electorate, increase participation rates and election credibility, online voting is the most effective method. It brings the ballot to the voter.

TIVI – convenient, secure and fully verifiable online voting

In 2016, the Smartmatic-Cybernetica Centre for Excellence for Internet Voting introduced the next generation version of their online solution, called TIVI.

TIVI is a convenient and secure online voting solution allowing governments to connect with their remote voters by providing them with a transparent and universally verifiable platform. This guarantees voters and governments the integrity of all cast ballots, ultimately leading to increased participation rates and election credibility.

Privacy protected, integrity guaranteed, transparency improved

  • Security and privacy

    End-to-end encryption and digital signing

  • Transparency

    Digital universal verifiability

  • Integrity

    A Blockchain based ballot box

Success stories

  • Estonian elections 2014-2015

    The Estonian internet voting solution provided by Cybernetica has been used in 8 nationwide binding governmental elections and is a highly trusted internet voting solution.

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  • Chilean citizens empowered

    Smartmatic empowered Chilean citizens with a multi-channel voting platform ensuring greater involvement of the Maipú community.

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  • Republican Presidential Caucus Utah

    The Republican Party of Utah selected Smartmatic to provide an online voting solution during the state’s Republican Presidential Caucus of March 22, 2016.

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